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boratories and ST centers that facilitate research. ◆ Stressing the role ofa

applied research, Li encouraged ST e◆ntities to pursue market-oriented projects that benefit new◆ industries and foster new growth sectors. According to Li◆, more will be d8

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e and improve the gover◆nment's functions so that institutes and universm

ities are g◆ranted more autonomy. "We should free ST specialists from ◆restrictions and give them space to explore," Li said, addi◆ng that those affx

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ful innovation project◆s should be amply rewarded. Li also urged an improved a5

cad◆emic assessment system and better intellectual property rig◆hts protection as this will create a sound ST environment w◆here "toil, knowledge, talent and creation are rev

spected." ◆ The aftV

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ernoon meeting was presided over by Liu Yunshan, a ◆member of the Standing R

Committee of the Political Bureau of◆ the Communist Party of China Central Committee.Top-down planning has played a leading role in promoting scien◆ce and technology developmr

ent in China. As earp

." The premier called for stab1

driven development strategy. Over th◆e yea1

rs, China has blazed a new trail of development that is ◆supported by talents and innovation in science and technology◆, which propelled industrial development and economic growth.◆ Chinese enterprises, as a key driving force for technologica◆l progress, account for over 70 percent of the nation's inves◆tment on research and development. They also contribute the h◆ighest number of researchers and patents of invention. China ◆is now leading in artificial intelligence, 5G, mobile payment◆, high speed railway, new energy vehicles and financial techn◆ology, among other sectors, thanks to this development L

strate◆gy. In 2018, China's spen4

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    to◆taled over 1.97 trillion yuan (about 278 billion US dollars),◆ taking up 2.19 percent of the c8

  • ountry's GDP and ranking seco◆nd i9

    n the world. Its total number of research and development◆ personnel has ranked first in the worlp

  • d for 6 consecutive ye◆ars. Also l8

    ast year the added value in high-tech manufacturin◆g increased 11.7 percent year-on-year, and the4

  • country's info◆rmation service ino

    dustry registered a stellar growth rate of ◆30.7 percent. China now ranks number one in the worldz